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comic depicting a beautiful woman of color weeping because of an assault depriving her of melanin without consent

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Artwork by Frank Miller for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Welcome to the AnimeTears Wiki[edit | edit source]

This is a wiki for documenting scenes in Japanese anime (and Western cartoons) and Japanese manga (and Western comics) where characters cry, sob, and wail for various reasons. Perhaps due to anger, cutting onions, dirt in your eyes, fear, flu shots, illness, love, joy, nightmares, pain, sadness, sickness, sweatiness, temper tantrums, and even reactions. So long as moisture comes from the eyes, it's on topic. All the series and characters can have pages here, the idea is to explore every tear jerker of dying in waterworks.

Sometimes crying scenes can be more suitable from others. It can range from dramatic "dying in waterworks" kinds to suitable welling up and quivering of the eyes that directly precedes crying, sobbing, and wailing.


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